Manufacturer and Exporter of Ammonia Compressors, Cold Room Plants, Ice Making Plants and Water Chilling Plants for Industrial Refrigeration Applications.
AN ISO 9001:2008 Company, INDIA
Ammonia Compressors, High Speed Ammonia Compressors, Slow Speed Ammonia Compressors from Neer Group.
Industrial Ice Making Plants Including Block Ice makers, Flake Ice Makers and Tube Ice Makers.
Cold Room Plants, Screw Compressors for Industrial Refrigeration Applications.
Neer Group - Today
Today, NEER group is stalwart in the growing field of Ammonia Compressors, Cold Storage Solutions, and all sorts of industrial refrigeration applications for air conditioning, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry etc with over two decades of refrigeration experience.
   The Company has carved a deep niche in the growing field by—
   Setting up and optimizing today's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
   Strictly following the principles of quality management system
Water Chilling Plants with Nominal Cooling Capacity.

Superior Quality in Ammonia Compressors, Ice Making Plant, Cold Room Plant, Water Chilling Plants & Refrigeration Turnkey Projects

Neer Enterprises Pvt. Ltd: India based manufacturer and exporter of ammonia compressors including high speed compressors, slow speed compressors, ammonia air handling units, ammonia condensing units, ammonia valves and fittings for industrial refrigeration applications. Neer Group is also renowned as one of the global leading manufacturer of industrial ice making plants with cost effective cold storage solutions. We offer block ice makers, flake ice makers, tube ice makers, cold room plants and water chilling plants for their application in a wide range of industries like refrigerated warehouses, commercial cold rooms, marine refrigeration, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, air conditioning, plastic processing, milk/food processing, pulp/paper industries  and other industrial refrigeration applications.

We specialize in providing after sales services. Our technical engineers will undertake even the critical turnkey projects right from equipment supply, installations to complete operation.  The entire range of equipment is manufactured up on the customer’s specifications.  However, standard and modern designs are also available with us. Contact Neer Enterprises at for cost effective refrigeration and cold storage solutions.    

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