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Ammonia Compressors  
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Ammonia Compressors

  • Wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning Ammonia compressors are offered by Neer Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. under the brand name of "KAFCO".
  • Ammonia compressors designed with state-of-the-art technology for industrial & commercial refrigeration and low temperature applications like ice plants, cold storage, fisheries plants, dairy plants, ice cream plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants and air conditioning plants.
  • Compressors are V belt driven and are suitable to operate with Ammonia (NH3) & Freon [12 (CCl2F2), 22 (CHClF2)] as refrigerant.
  • Robust construction, excellent performance and power saving features and hallmarks of the products.

The basic refrigeration cycle consists of four stages

  • Expansion
  • Evaporation
  • Compression
  • Condensation
  Refrigeration Cycle
   Low Pressure    High Pressure
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