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Ammonia Condensing Unit  
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Water Chilling Plant
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Ammonia Condensing Unit

  • Packed condensing units in painted frame, fully equipped with condenser (air-cooled and evaporative as split version) compressor, oil cooler, receiver, electrical controlpanel with compressor starter, all necessary safety switches and pressostats
  • Pressure tested and ready for connection to low side
  • Compressors are normally belt driven.
  • All internal piping in accordance with international standards and pressure tested for 26BAR
  • All voltage viable
  • Reliable and economic operation of the plant is achieved
  • Simple installation and easier maintenance
  • Economic to operate
  • Suitable for wide range of fluids and capacity range
Ammonia Condensing Unit for Food Processing Industry


  • Food processing and storage
  • Brewing and distilling
  • Building services
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
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