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ammonia valve fittings  
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Exporter of Ammonia Valve Fittings.
Ammonia Compression and Valve Fittings for Food Processing Industry.

ammonia valve fittings


Globe Valves / Angle Valves

Bolted Bonnet Construction in the flanged end connection of ANSI B16.5, DIN ND 40 & BS 10 table "D" "E" & "F".

They are of Solid disc & plug type. Fine lapped & Back seat facilities replacement of gland packing under pressure. Extra deep stuffing Box Ensures Fluid tightness & long packing life. We offer Globe valve with special packing suitable for thermic fluid & hot oil Application.
Globe Valves, Angle Values.

Check Valves

Check valve ideally suitable for both vertical & Horizontal Application. Are widely used in the pipeline with liquid & other fluids. These valves are generally Metal seated valves for high temp & Pressure it is provided with satellite surface (Hard Surface). Check Valves.

Strainer Valves

Are available in flanged and screwed types and in sizes from ½" to 4". These are fitted with fine wire mesh cloth of stainless steel so that no foreign matter of dust can enter the system. Stainer Valves.

Tee Valves

Are available only in screwed types and in sizes from ½" to 1". Large size can also be supplied on special order. It flows in two directions in angular form. Tee Valves.

Gauge Valves

Are available in screwed type only and in ½" size which show level of the liquid line through a special glass tube and are used in pairs. Guage Valves.

Dual Safety Valve Manifolds

Are available in screwed type and in ½" size only on which two safety valves are installed and you can keep both the safety valves operative or can cut off any valve as desired by you, which makes the system more safe. In any case you cannot cut off both the valves simultaneously which will always ensure safety of your plant. Dual Safety Valve Manifold.

Safety Valves

Are excellent for used on Steam Boilers, Steam Services on unfired Pressure Vessels, Accumulators, Cleanness and Distillers as well as on Compressors, Receivers, Burners, Dryers and others piping system. Safety Valves.

Float Valves

Are available in screwed type and in sizes from ½", ¾" & 1". It controls the level of liquid or gas. Float Valves.

Needle Valves

Are available in flanged as well as in screwed type. It covers from ¼" to 1" Size. Needle Valves
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