Manufacturer and Exporter of Ammonia Compressors, Cold Room Plants, Ice Making Plants and Water Chilling Plants for Industrial Refrigeration Applications.
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KAFCO Ammonia Compressors Manufacturer.
Efficient and Economical Block Ice Plants.
Ice Making Plant.

Block Ice Makers


Salient Features:

  • Most Energy Efficient and Economical Block Ice Plants.
  • Heavy duty and energy efficient KAFCO Ammonia compressors
  • Various Choices of Evaporative. Atmospheric and Shell and Tube type condensers for better condensation of refrigerant.
  • V shape cooling coils are available in different sizes, usually custom made to the individual applications.
  • Chilling Tank : Heavy duty M.S. tank tested to ensure no leakage in the joints.
                          Superbly coaled with water proof paints to avoid corrosion.
                          Well insulated with high density installing material to ensure no heat transfer.
  • Options of Galvanized and Stainless steel cans of various sizes available.

Mode of Operation:

The cans are usually made up of a galvanized steel, specially thin wailed. These earn are filled with fresh water and Submerged into the brine tank, which contains cooling coil (evaporator) and the agitator for the agitation of the brine in the tank. After the freezing take place these cans are brought to the thawing tank, where they are submerged in to the water to release the ice from the moulds. These ice blocks can either be stored or transported. These cans are available in various sizes.
Thicker the can, longer the freezing time.
Block Ice Plant

Specifications of Ice cans:

Ice Cans.

Block Ice Makers - Specifications:

Above table is based on following Design Parameters.
Condensing Temperature: 40° Centigrade. Evaporating Temperature: -10° Centigrade.
Average ice Temperature : -3° Centigrade inlet Water Temperature Required 35° Centigrade
Refrigerant : R-717, R-22, R-12.
Containerized Ice Making Plant are also available on request of 10 Ton & 20 Ton Capacity.
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