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Cold Room Plant  
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Cold Room Plant Manufacturer.
Cold Room Plant for Refrigeration Application.
Cold Storage Plant.
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Cold Room Plant



Screw Compressors.
Screw compressors are designed to cover most capacity requirements for a wide range of Industrial Refrigeration applications. Microprocessor control system controls and monitors the Operation of the compressors.

Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating Compressors.
Single and Two stage Reciprocating compressors are heavy duty equipment designed for high ambient conditions. Many of the Industrial low and medium temperature refrigeration application are well served by these compressors. The compressors are controlled by control panel.

Liquid Chillers

Liquid Chillers.
Liquid chillers using Reciprocating or Screw compressors and Plate heat exchanger type evaporators are used mainly liquid chilling, process cooling applications for dairy and beverage Industries. The packaged chiller is compact and occupies less floor space and provides better cooling efficiency.

Neer has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing cold storage plant using Ammonia as a cooling medium. Neer Cold Storage Plant has number of advantages.

  • No high-pressure refrigerant pipe work beyond the plant room, reducing the risk of leaks in cold store significantly
  • Increases efficiently due to better performance refrigerant, particularly ammonia
  • Better use of coolers due to more uniform temperature of cooling surface
  • Increase life expectancy of coolers as no defrost cycle is required
  • Innovative design
  • Low temperature operation (1ºC - 4ºC) at 100% RH if required
  • Runs on food safe glycol
  • One central plant can run several stores
  • Latest computerised technology to control, monitor and record ongoing temperatures
  • No re-circulated water within the cold store
  • No low level condense drains
Features   |    Cold Storage Data   |    Applications   |    Guidelines   |    PUF Panels
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