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Cold Room Plant  
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Cold Room Plant
Cold Storage Plant for Fish
Refrigerated Warehous
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Cold Room Plant



  • Meat Processing Plant
  • Poultry Processing Plant
  • Fish/Sea food
  • Processing Plant
  • Vegetable/Fruits
  • Processing Plant
Cold Room Plant for Supermarket
  Cold Storage Plant for Food
  • Walk in coolers
  • Hotels
  • Supermarkets
  • Bakery
Commercial Cold Rooms
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Liquid chilling
  • Liquidification of gases
Industrial Refrigeration
  • Cargo Refrigeration
Industrial Ice Making Plant


  1. Identify everything, i.e., tag all specimens and apparatus with the name of the owner
  2. Ensure all hazardous materials are labeled. Remember to place needles and other sharps in the proper sharps containers. All broken glass must be in a rigid puncture proof container
  3. Do not store cardboard, paper or other porous organic materials in cold rooms
  4. Do not store flammable or other volatile materials (including dry ice, liquid nitrogen or other cryogenics), as this room was not designed for such purposes
  5. If absorbent padding is used, change padding at least once a week or whenever soiled
  6. Clean up spills immediately. Call +91 - 9824 001485, if assistance is needed
  7. Keep cold room door closed to avoid condensation on cold room surfaces and to conserve energy
  8. Custodians do not enter or service cold rooms - users of the room are responsible for:
  • Cleaning bench tops and shelf surfaces after all procedures
  • Keeping room neat and organized
  • Following good housekeeping practices
  • Keeping material off the floor to facilitate regular floor cleaning
  • Cleaning floor regularly
  • Bagging accumulated non-hazardous trash and delivering it to a nearby dumpster or leaving it in the hallway for custodians to collect
  • Disposing of hazardous waste in accordance with Chemical Hygiene Plan guidelines
Features   |    Cold Storage Data   |    Applications   |    Guidelines   |    PUF Panels
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