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Hygienic Flake Ice Makers.
Sea Water Ice Machines for Sea Going Trawlers.
Flake Ice Making Plant.

Flake Ice Makers


Salient Features:

  • KAFCO Ice cools quickly because of its large irregular and crystalline surface.
  • Available capacity from 5000 Kg. Per Day and above.
  • The Ice is as fresh and clear as the water from the mains supply,
  • It is hygienic ice with maximum cooling capacity.
  • The consumption of power is very low.
  • No water is wasted and each liter produces one Kg. of Ice.
  • It has long life expectancy and low production cost (power consumption/Kg) the Ice Machine pays for itself right from the start.
  • Sea Water Ice Machines are also available on request for sea going trawlers on board installations.
Flake Ice Maker.

Mode of Operation:

Water flows from the storage container into the cylinder. This cylinder is surrounded by evaporating coil so that the water is frozen on the inside of the cylinder wall at a low evaporation temperature. The ice is removed from the cylinder wall in a form of action, that revolves inside the cylinder and pushes the ice upward. Here it is pressed hard, frozen further, and broken off and ejected. The ice produced is as fresh as water from the main supply.

Flake Ice Makers - Specifications:

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