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High Speed Compressors  
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Ammonia Compressors for Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration Applications.
V Belt Driven Ammonia Compressors.

High Speed Compressors

  • KAFCO heavy duty High Speed Ammonia Compressor are designed for industrial and commercial refrigeration applications such as cold storage, ice cream plants, ice plants, fisheries, dairy plant, chemical plants etc.
  • Reciprocating type compressors are suitable to operate with ammonia (NH3) as well as freon 12 (CCl2F2) and Freon 22 (CHClF2).
  • V-belt driven Ammonia compressors suitable for coupling and belt drive.
  • State-of-the-art light weight design and precision balancing of the moving mechanical parts ensure minimum of vibration and running noise.
  • Pressure oil lubrication by means of reversible gear pumps.
High Speed Ammonia Compressor.
  • Fluent technology with high efficiency and extremely robust valve plate, crank shafts with special surface finish. Optimized aluminum piston shape and chromium plate piston rings guarantee low friction losses and long service life.
  • Special oil return system to ensure low oil migration.
  • Excellent stability and insignificant thermal load can be obtained with shaft seal cooled by pressurized oil stream and also by the suction gas flow, replaceable without dismounting the compressor.
  • Optional: Among others, integrated start unloaded and capacity control, additional fans, water-cooled cylinder heads, discharge gas temperature control device. Special design for ship operation.
Capacity Rating / BHP / 200 PSI Condensing Pressure / NH3 / Maximum Speed

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B.H.P AND CAPACITY RATING 40° C Condensing Temperature at maximum speed
High Speed Compressor.

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