Manufacturer and Exporter of Ammonia Compressors, Cold Room Plants, Ice Making Plants and Water Chilling Plants for Industrial Refrigeration Applications.
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Industrial Ice Making Plant
Cold Storage Plant for Fishing and Poultry Industries
Ammonia Compressors

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The post textile revolution scenario in India in the early Sixties was a time of sharp contrasts. On the one hand there was great discovery of the will to exert one's resources and abilities, to discover, invent and substitute imported machinery and industry with indigenous alternatives.

With tremendous shortage of entrepreneurs who could adequately meet the needs of industries needing ancillary support such as processing plants, refrigeration etc. Jasbir Singh Neer, a pioneer in the refrigeration and cooling industry in Gujarat in the Sixties, blazed a brilliant trail in manufacturing cold storage and refrigeration equipments for dairies, ice cream industry and ice making plant. From the beginning, J S Neer considered problems as opportunities.

At a time when the competition was almost nil, and any obstacle would be limited only by one's own determination, Jasbir Singh resolved to break new ground, and be the first at it. Driven with characteristic foresight, and a never-say-die attitude, he did what few could achieve at that time.

Neer Group - Today

Today, NEER group is stalwart in the growing field of Ammonia Compressors, Cold Storage Solutions, and all sorts of industrial refrigeration applications for air conditioning, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry etc with over two decades of refrigeration experience.
The Company has carved a deep niche in the growing field by—
  • Setting up and optimizing today’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
  • Strictly following the principles of quality management system
  • Motivating and mobilizing a well-equipped and trained staff

Company Aims

The Company ever intends to make the choice and purchase of its ammonia Compressors a pleasant surprise for its customers. In performance, in dependability, and in cost efficiency, NEER Enterprises realizes that all these measures, when implemented, translated directly into quality, growth, a satisfied and appreciative clientele, a competitive market presence, and prestige.

As the world has gone well into the millennium, NEER Enterprises has punctuated the years with its own milestones-a growing list of clients, each of whose own progress is a living testimony of NEER's engineering excellence.

Technology & Strategy for Competitiveness

But it was not easy going for the Company, for advanced engineering skills, newer materials, and complex technological options needed to be devised and worked out. It needed smart solutions to cut losses and stay ahead of the growing competition. It needed growth in terms of infrastructure and manpower too.

Prestige Evolves from Quality of Products & Services

Moreover to arrive at where Neer Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is today, it also needed the right attitudes, concerted efforts, and above all, conscious corporate planning and strategy-to align the Company with advanced management practices such as avoiding obsolescence, encouraging innovation and inventiveness, stimulating R & D, initiating testing and inspection, and doing all with customer satisfaction in mind.

The Company has earned a leadership position in the industry, with its products well accepted and in demand by multinational and Indian industry giants.

Manufacturing unit:

Our manufacturing unit is very much well equipped with the ultramodern equipment. Our unit comprises of the most sophisticated and advanced machines, which ensures increased smoothness of complex surfaces and faster operation with low cost and management, and are easy to operate as well. High quality of raw material is used for manufacturing the machines and these raw materials are procured from reliable vendors, who share a good reputation in the market. We have in-built production and quality checking facilities along with a high quality skilled workforce which enables us to enjoy a great edge over our competitors. The production process gets assistance from various other units like procurement, quality control, sales and marketing.

We offer best machines and designs of plants like industrial ice making plant, cold room plant, water chilling plants along with ammonia compressors, high speed compressors, slow speed compressors, ammonia air handling unit, ammonia condensing unit and ammonia valve fittings.

The manufacturing machines are upgraded from time to time to meet the technological advancements of the industry and ensure to deliver latest hi technical products to the customers.

Places of installations / Areas of operation

Neer group is having wide distribution network in all over india and also exports in other countries like Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, USA, Halti, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria, Ethopia, Sudan, Nigeria, Gambia, Congo and Senegal. Neer enterprises offer machines that are of best of the best quality in industry which are defect free with lowest maintenance cost and adopt latest trends and designs of machines.

We also undertake turnkey projects providing complete solution from designing to installation of plants at the client’s site. The complete process is carried out under surveillance of well trained and qualified technical personnel with in depth knowledge and experience.

Strengths and quality control

Neer Enterprises is renowned as a leading manufacturer and exporter of ammonia compressors and installing of plants like industrial ice making plants, cold room plants in various countries. We are known for the quality of our machines worldwide and strive to maintain quality by all means. Our customers are our strength and quality machines are our unique selling point which allows us to cater to more and more satisfied customers all over the world. We aim at giving highest productivity and good return of value for the money paid for our machines and set up. Our customer support cell also provides complete after sales support anywhere in the world.

We install machines by considering needs and climate of the place.

Customer support:

Neer enterprise is always available for the support of its precious customers at anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to worry for any thing when you are reliable on us. We take complete care from designs and manufacturing of your machines to installing them and putting them to use in your plants. Design and technical specification of machines depend on climate and place where it is to be installed, as some will need machines with highest capacity of cooling and refrigerating and cold countries will need exactly the opposite of same.

In case of any problems may it be for technical problems in machines or operations of machines and maintenance of machines, our experienced technicians are available 24/7 and 7 days a week. In case the problem is not solved from our end we also provide technical support at your door step. Our current customers are fully satisfied with our technical support.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate objective.
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