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Water Chilling Plants  
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Water Chilling Plant
Manufacturing Water Chilling Plants for Cost Effective Refrigeration Solutions.

Water Chilling Plants

Neer Enterprises Pvt. Ltd: The primary industrial resource for turnkey solutions in India.  Also renowned as the manufacturer of water chilling plants with nominal cooling capacity for various industrial applications. The system of water chilling plant is to deliver chilled water to the end user.  We only use the latest technology equipment in manufacturing water chilling plants ensuring an ideal solution for water cooling of industrial process.

Salient features of our water chilling plant

  • Ready to install skid mounted water chilling system
  • Fully automated water chillers
  • Meticulously tested controls and switches
  • Quick chilling is ensured by providing quality shells and tube evaporators
  • Every saving system
  • Efficient fin tube air cooled condensers with appropriate fans
  • Custom designs to meet customer’s requirement along with standard models
  • Robust construction
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Stainless steel storage tank with external insulation
  • Digital temperature indicator helps to control temperature
  • Each and every part of water chilling plant is manufacturing basing on the international quality standards 
International standard water cooling plants are widely used for producing and maintaining chilled water through refrigeration process.  These cooling systems are used in industries where water chilling process is required. Applications of water cooling plants are mandatory at:
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Chemical manufacturing industries
  • Plastic processing industries
  • Milk, food processing industries
  • Pulp and paper processing industries
  • EDM machine cooling
  • Concrete curing industries

Water chilling plant is necessary for modern industries because:

  • A water chilling plant can increase your productivity only by maintaining the constant cooling temperature in the equipment.
  • Efficient even on long run
  • Your cooling tower may offer adequate cooling in winter but fails in hotter seasons.  Hence, water chilling plant can replace this problem completely
  • Protection to your valuable production equipment
  • Protection to your investment
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